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I designed these mugs using images of my artwork and my signature. You have a choice of 12 colors for the insides and handles and 4 background designs for the 11oz mugs. The 15oz mugs are available with all of our designs and white insides and handles.


By clicking on the titles below, you will be taken directly to each individual mug on my Etsy site, where there are more images, descriptions and purchase options. $19.95 each with free shipping.

someone loves2.jpg
psych mug.jpg

Someone Who Loves Me Gave Me This Mug, (heart) 15oz

i love sweetheart mug.jpg

I love you, Sweetheart. (heart) 15oz

Greatest Psychologist Ever! 15oz

I love grandpa mug brown.jpg

Design Examples

side view mug.jpg
mus back view.jpg
mus side view 2.jpg
love grsnbmama.jpg
autism mug.jpg

I Love You, Grandma. (heart) 11oz.

Don't Fear Autism. Love the Child. 11oz.



Don't Toch My Cup! (brown) 11oz

great teacher brown.jpg

Design Examples

Greatest Teacher Ever! (brown) 11oz

I love you, Grandpa. (brown) 15oz

great boss mug.jpg

  This Month's Features for Black History Month
All 105 HBCU's printed on shirts an
d mugs

HBCU PROUD - Historically Black Colleges and Universities 15oz Mug

HBCU PROUD - Historically Black Colleges and Universities T-Shirt

Greatest Boss Ever! 11oz

Carolyn Sims' Art Gallery​

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