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My Other Family #5

The "My Other Family" series represents my love of oil painting and digital artwork.  As I combined the two media to create these figures, they "inherit" my talent and share artwork and therefore become "family." Each piece is a digitally manipulated images of my oil paintings shaped into humanoid forms and the sun, printed on canvas
30x20 inches
It was on exhibition at O'Hare airport in a showcase in terminal 3 from Oct. 2012 to Oct. 2013.

My Other Family #3

Digital Yellow Calla Lilly

Digitally manipulated photograph 

Metallic Bottles 2

Into the Light - digital

Metallic Bottles

Cabbage Heads Collage 3

Cabbage Heads Collage 1

Bottles 3

Bottles 4

Digital Family with Red

Following Dreams

Carolyn Sims' Art Gallery​

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