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Personalized Childrens' Book

Your Child's Face on the Cover and Throughout the Book!

mickey title.jpg
wicket 3 books.jpg

Mickey Wizzet Came to Visit... is a personalized children's book written by me. The child's name and/or face appears 9 times throughout the book. Mickey is an odd but funny character that does goofy things that lead up to a surprise ending. It is 8 x 10 inches, full color, hardcover. 

Upload child's image here. It should show the full face. It's better if the child is looking directly at the camera. Please crop to 3X3 inches. Image size should be 300+ dpi.

You may add a suffix as Jr., II, etc. where applicable. The pink book is for girls and the aqua book is unisex.

Carolyn Sims' Art Gallery​

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